Video Game Recommendation: Europa Universalis IV (Video Game, 2013)


Hello everyone! Today, I am going to do a video game recommendation post for Europa Universalis IV, by Paradox Interactive. Released in 2013, the game allows you to guide a nation through the four hundred years of history between 1444 (the end of the failed Crusade of Varma) to 1821 (the year Napoleon died on St. Helena). Essentially any political entity that was present, almost anywhere in the world, during this time can be chosen. The level of detail present in the game is extremely impressive, and most nations on the map do feel true to themselves, although this becomes less true the further from the traditional centers of historical study (i.e., Europe, China, Japan, etc.) one travels.

The one downside of the game is the large number of expansions- I would recommend waiting until there is a sale on Steam to purchase this game, because otherwise the game can be rather expensive. Not all the expansions are required, but they all add important features to the game and none are definitely not worth purchasing.

The amount of features in the game is impressive. There is a detailed religion system, depicting which provinces (the principal division of the map, as in Crusader Kings II) belong to which religion. There is also colonization, an trade and technology system, and cultures present. The topographic map is quite beautiful as far as I am concerned, although I know that not everyone is in agreement on that topic. That said, this game does not have wonderful graphics; the game never leaves the aforementioned topographic map, and there are no cutscenes or anything of that variety.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this game. It has essentially infinite replayability, and allows you to relive history like few games before it, save for the other games by Paradox. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will see you soon, this time with a full post.

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